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Space Weather on the iPhone/iPod/iPad

SpaceWx App

SET is pleased to announce the first space weather application for the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch: The "Space Wx" App. Now it is possible to view real-time space weather data - from the Sun to the Earth - on a handheld device. You can now connect to real-time space weather applications in the field with either a Wi-Fi or cell phone signal.

This App can be useful for applications in HF Radio communications, GPS accuracy, Power grids, and Aviation to determine the how their systems are affected by space weather disturbances.

You can download the "Space Wx" App from the Apple (iTunes) store: Just search for the keywords "Weather" or "Space Wx", or vist this Apple App Store Space WX link to locate the image in iTunes. The purchase price is only $1.99 USD.

Get space weather alerts, summary data, rotate and zoom in on images, make menu selections for solar, solar wint, magnetosphere, and ionosphere/thermosphere nowcasts and forecasts, bookmark favorites, save, and email images... all with a single tap on the screen. In addition, by using its web browser ability, it can be used to access our CAPS, GAPS, and many other SET and Space Weather Center products already designed for the iPhone/PDA screen size.

This Space Weather App is a collaborative effort between Space Environment Technologies, Space Environment Corporation, and Utah State University USTAR Center for Space Weather.

Sample iPhone Screen Views:
SS 2 SS 4 ss4 SS 5

IPad Version GUI: