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Freely available SOLAR2000 historical nowcast data files

Space Environment Technologies freely provides historical and nowcast data for the space weather community. These data include the Penticton F10.7 flux, the MgII c/w ratio, and a number of proxies derived from SOLAR2000 operations. Users are encouraged to use these data for research or operations. Please review the License Agreement, acknowledge Space Environment Technologies, and email us at Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated.

Note that many more data are available from SET, including tailored products and predictions that address a comprehensive variety of space weather phenomena important to satellite operations, HF radio, GPS use, aviation, and many more applications.

Data and figures useful for operations or research include:

Current nowcast E10.7 data and the associated input/output proxies used operationally with SOLAR2000 (called a SWDS file - see related readme_swds.txt file). This file is updated hourly.

Figures that show the latest five-cycle indices: (E10_81, E107, Ly-a_81, v2.34 Ly-a, F10_81, F10.7 ). The associated data file can be found on our Products page under the Solar/Photons section. These data were last updated 22 Aug 2008


The MgII c/w ratio - the most widely used index to solar chromospheric variations for the past 3 solar cycles - is the SET version, calibrated to the Penticton F10.7 data and a number of other measurements. A description of the Mg II c/w ratio can be found [here]. Operationally, the NOAA-17 SBUV MgII data is used when it is available, but the software will automatically substitute an adjusted value from SOLSTICE or GOME if NOAA-17 data is off-line, guaranteeing a nowcast data value will always be available. These data, updated hourly, are available online. A current plot of the Mg II c/w is shown below.