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The process used by the SOLAR2000 Professional Grade V2.24 empirical solar irradiance model for determining solar irradiances reported herein is compliant with ISO International Standard 21348: Space Environment (Natural and Artificial) - Process for determining solar irradiances. SOLAR2000 is designated as a type 3 empirical/hybrid model product for solar irradiance spectral categories 6.2 (Total Solar Irradiance), 6.4 (X-rays), 6.5 (Ultraviolet), 6.6 (Visible), and 6.7 (Infrared). A preprint copy of ISO 21348 review can be obtained at the SpaceWx web site.

For additional information, contact W. Kent Tobiska or Dr. Anatoliy A. Nusinov.

W. Kent Tobiska
President, Space Environment Technologies
Chief Scientist, Space Weather Division
1676 Palisades Dr., Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
1-310-573-4185 (office)
1-310-454-9665 (fax)
Dr. Anatoliy A. Nusinov
Institute of Applied Geophysics Russian State Committee on Hydrometeorology and Environment Control
9 Rostokinskaya St. Moscow, 129128 Russia,

Please click the link below, then read & accept the Copyright notice to see the current ISO solar irradiance standard...
ISO solar irradiance standard

Also see: Summary of ISO 21348 wavelengths and compliance criteria

Information on the ISO 2209 Model of Earth's Magnetospheric Magnetic Field draft standard can be located at